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It's time to choose you

Love Always Wins

Thank you for choosing yourself today! Passionate Birthing is dedicated to assisting you on this beautiful journey to personal development so you can flourish in all areas of your life. Passionate Birthing started as a Full Spectrum Doula Company in 2019. Jay has over 20 years of experience in supporting women through childbirth and postpartum care. She started at just 10 years old with the women in her family and it grew into a beautiful passion throughout her life. Growth is inevitable so Passionate Birthing has grown with her as she continues to power through her journey of self-discovery and self-mastery. 

Passionate Birthing has developed into an organization that is dedicated to helping people see the best in themself, empowering people to shine their light brightly, and most importantly assisting people in passionately birthing the next best version of themselves.

So whether you need a doula, trainer, reiki master, mentor, or life coach you will receive exactly what you need when connecting with Jay. She has a divinely unique way of allowing spirit to move through her to deliver what is needed for those who find her. 

Jay has many accolades and titles that she is very proud of but will tell you they don't make her who she is, they add to her essence. Jay lives a spirit-guided life, which means she seriously values self-care, inner work, and co-creating with spirit to maintain the life she desires. Living this type of life means being careful and intentional about opening her heart and mind to spiritual information from the universal energy that is all around us. She believes everyone is capable of tapping into this information. Her spiritual gifts and desire to empower other souls to tap into their inner universe are evident in each connection she makes with those who are led to her. 

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